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Planning News & Advice

Planning applications that have been received in the last 18 months.

Reference Received Status Address
18/00102/TREE 10/1/2018 Pending Consideration Electricity Sub Station Squire Place Fenny Compton
18/00005/FUL 2/1/2018 Pending Consideration 3 Meadow Way Fenny Compton CV47 2WD
18/00010/TREE 2/1/2018 Pending Consideration Old Toft Bridge Street Fenny Compton CV47 2XY
17/03740/FUL 18/12/2017 Pending Consideration Trotties Cottage Dog Lane Fenny Compton CV47 2YD
17/03552/TREE 24/11/2017 Tree Works Approved Gredenton Dog Lane Fenny Compton Southam CV47 2YD
17/03520/OUT 22/11/2017 Pending Consideration Land West Of Avon Dassett Road Fenny Compton CV47 2FW
17/03461/OUT 13/11/2017 Pending Consideration Land At Wharf Road Business Park Wharf Road Fenny Compton
17/03388/TREE 7/11/2017 Tree Works Approved Blacksmiths Cottage High Street Fenny Compton Southam CV47 2XT
17/03277/REM 30/10/2017 Pending Consideration Banbury Compton Limited Station Works Fenny Compton Southam CV47 2XB
17/03274/TREE 27/10/2017 Tree Works - Deemed Consent The Dassett C Of E Primary School Memorial Road Fenny Compton CV47 2XU

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