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Planning News & Advice

Planning applications that have been received in the last 18 months.

Reference Received Status Address
16/02426/AMD 22/7/2016 Approval of Non Material Amendment Bumblebee Wharf Road Fenny Compton
16/02309/OUT 12/7/2016 Application Withdrawn Land At Wharf Road Business Park Wharf Road Fenny Compton
16/02312/FUL 12/7/2016 Permission with conditions Land At Wharf Road Business Park Wharf Road Fenny Compton
16/02284/REM 8/7/2016 Approval of Reserved Matters Land East Of High Street Fenny Compton
16/01963/REM 13/6/2016 Approval of Reserved Matters Studfield Station Fields Fenny Compton CV47 2XD
DISCN/00080/16 3/6/2016 Discharge of Conditions - Approved Applegarth Church Street Fenny Compton Warwickshire CV47 2YE
16/01793/FUL 1/6/2016 Application Withdrawn 2 Field Gate Lane Fenny Compton Southam CV47 2WB
16/01808/FUL 1/6/2016 Permission with conditions Manor Farm Northend Road Fenny Compton Southam CV47 2YY
16/01743/OUT 26/5/2016 Application Withdrawn Land Adjacent Studfields Wharf Road Fenny Compton
16/01709/AMD 20/5/2016 Approval of Non Material Amendment Claraden Cottage Bridge Street Fenny Compton Southam CV47 2XY

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