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Refuse and Recycling Service

You said you want to recycle more materials.

Recycling dates for September: Wednesday 4th September, Wednesday 18th September.

From December 2009 you will also be able to recycle:

Plastic food trays

yoghurt pots

margarine tubs

clean foil.

but not plastic bags and plastic wrappings.

You can now mix kitchen waste with your green waste. So one week your kitchen waste will go in your grey bin and the following week in your green bin. However, kitchen waste must not be wrapped in plastic when placed in your green bin, although it can be wrapped in newspaper. All green waste together with kitchen waste will be composted.

Your grey bin will be collected every other week. Your kitchen waste will therefore still be collected weekly, as mentioned above; by one week putting it in your grey bin and the other in your green bin.

One week your general waste (Grey Bin) will be collected.
One week your green waste (Green Bin) (including kitchen waste), and your dry recycling (Blue Lid Bin).

Further details can be found in the calender of collections for Fenny Compton.

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