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Fenny Compton Footpath Group

Fenny Compton Footpath Group was formed in 1997 in conjunction with Warwickshire County Council and the Parish Council. We meet for 3-hour work sessions every month on a Sunday morning to maintain the parish's footpaths and bridleways.

For more information see their Facebook page.


During the winter months we have a lot less to do than the summer, mainly because nothing needs much strimming or cutting back. But we do have our winter jobs to do. In January we marked out the paths that run off from the Slade with yellow topped sticks. They work well because the walkers follow the line of the sticks and the path reinstates itself. While we were there, we re-painted the marker post yellow tops.
We had reports via the Facebook page of a damaged stile step at the end of the concrete track to the sewerage treatment plant, so February's job was to fix that. The paths off the Slade were not fully reinstated so we left the sticks in place and we will have a look at a later date. Another important winter task is to have our annual breakfast which this February we had just next the cricket pavilion.
We have a regular turnout of at least 6 volunteers plus dogs but if you want to try the Footpath Group out, then call. Contact details in The Directory. We meet for 3 hours at 9am on every 4th Sunday, the next date being 14th April.

A few words about Rights of Way and the Fenny Compton Footpath Group:
There is a hierarchy of Rights of Way in the UK. At the top there are motorways then A roads, B, C, D and E roads, various ‘Green Lanes' and then footpaths and bridleways. On all of them we have the legal right to ‘pass and repass' so we can walk on a footpath and walk or ride a horse or bicycle on a bridleway. The routes of the footpaths and bridleways are shown on the ‘Definitive Map' which is produced by the County Council and is freely available. There is no ‘Right to Roam' locally so a farm track or field boundary which is neither a footpath nor a bridleway on the Definitive Map has no public access. They are for the farmer's own use or may have been left under the Country Stewardship scheme where the farmer leaves areas for wildlife but walking on them would have a negative effect. Farmers are expected to maintain footpaths and bridleways and to reinstate them after cultivation. The level of maintenance is variable, there is very little incentive for farmers to work on footpaths other than it may help to stop walkers wandering all over the farm.
This is where the Footpath Group helps. In 1997 Warwickshire County Council saw that the paths and bridleways had fallen into a poor state of repair and so encouraged each parish in the county to start a Footpath Group with the aim to them back in order within 3 years. We started in 1997 and are about to start our 22nd year. We still operate in conjunction with WCC but they only have two Rangers to cover the whole county, so rely on voluntary labour. We also get financial support from the Parish Council if needed. Over the years we have built bridges and installed many stiles, gates and marker posts. We invented the practice of painting the tops of marker posts yellow and that has been adopted throughout the county and beyond. We also do plenty of strimming through the summer and we installed seven dog stiles to make a dog walking route over Mill Hill.
There are about 10 of us in the Group and we meet up every 4th Sunday from 9am-12. The work is not hard or difficult, but it is very rewarding and helps to keep the paths in good order. If you like the sound of it and want to try it out call on Brian Peers on 770 644. Equipment and on the job training is provided and there is no obligation to be available for every session. See our Facebook page.

If you would like to get involved, please call me on Brian Peers 770 644 or email us on fc.fpg@btinternet.com. Have a look at the Group's Facebook page where you can see what we get up to month by month.

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