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Latest Updates

Site Allocations Plan Preferred Options Consultation - October 2020

The consultation on the Preferred Options version of the Plan commences on Thursday 29 October and runs for 7 weeks until 5pm on Friday 18 December.

The Site Allocations Plan is an additional Plan that will sit alongside the existing Core Strategy and will enable residents, businesses and communities to know where new development may occur in the future. It includes a range of proposals across the District relating to:

  • Reserve Housing Sites
  • Self and Custom Build Housing sites
  • Built-up Area Boundaries
  • Employment Enabling Sites
  • A46 Safeguarding

Plus a number of other site specific proposals including sites for employment and regeneration

How to View and Comment on the Consultation

The best way to view the consultation documents is online at

The District Council is promoting the consultation using a range of communication channels:

  • A number of short videos have been prepared to explain in greater detail the proposals within the consultation. These will be made available on the website and promoted through social media at various points throughout the consultation period.
  • Maps are available on the website for each settlement so that residents can easily identify which site proposals potential affect different areas.
  • A special edition of Parish & Partners will be circulated during the consultation period.
  • Whilst it is not possible to hold face-to-face public consultation events, a number of live online question and answer sessions will be run throughout the consultation period to enable residents to ask questions. Visit to find out more and join one of the sessions.
  • A leaflet is available on the website and is being distributed to all households across the District.
  • Subject to changing restrictions resulting from the Coronavirus pandemic, copies of the consultation documents are available to view at the District Council offices (Elizabeth House, Church Street, Stratford-upon-Avon, CV37 6HX between 10am and 2pm Monday to Friday) and the Plan can be viewed at main public libraries across the District.
  • Copies of the document can be purchased from the District Council.

In addition to the above, letters are being sent to properties that are located within close proximity to a specific site proposal, or in some cases located within an area identified for regeneration, within the draft Plan. The distribution of this letter has been automatically generated based on applying a standard distance between properties and a site proposed in the Plan.

For further information or if you have any queries regarding this consultation please contact the Policy Team via email at or call us on 01789 260334.

HS2 Road Closure

A section of the A425 Leamington Road near Southam will be closed for 9 months from 26th October. The HS2 works require a 15-metre-deep trench to be excavated and to construct a 'cut-and-cover' section of the Long Itchington Wood Tunnel. A diversion will be in place for cyclists and road users. Access will be maintained for businesses and residents within the section of the road that is closed.

Councillor Grant Fund

Please see notice attached

Document - Cllr%20Grant%20Fund.pdf

Notice of County Councillor Vacancy

Please see notice attached

Document - County%20Council%20Notice%20of%20Casual%20Vacancy%20August%202020.pdf


Following updated government guidance we have carried out a risk assessment and re-opened the playground. Please follow the guidelines that are displayed around the under 8's area, which apply to all the play equipment. Children should be supervised to ensure that social distancing is maintained. Each piece of equipment should only be used by one household at a time. Play equipment will not be sanitised so please clean equipment before and after use, and wash your hands as soon as possible when you get home.

Annual Report

Usually around this time of year the Parish Council holds its Annual Parish Meeting, at which local groups will provide reports summarising what's happened in the previous year and their plans for the future. This wasn't possible this year, so instead we have gathered reports from a wider range of organisations, and our district and county councillors, to publish online. We hope you find it useful. If you would like to know more about any of the groups featured, please contact them directly for more information.

Document - FCPC%20Annual%20Review%202020.pdf

The Coventry and Warwickshire Integrated Care Record

An electronic confidential health and care record for people living in Coventry and Warwickshire, launching Autumn 2020.

The Coventry and Warwickshire Integrated Care Record (ICR) is an electronic record of your care. It brings data together from the different organisations involved in your health and care. It allows doctors, nurses and other registered health and social care professionals directly involved in your care, to view relevant information in order to provide you with better, safer care. The ICR has been developed in response to the feedback from many of you over a number of years. It means you will only have to tell your story and share information once. The data will only be available to health and care professionals directly involved in your care. At the point of receiving care, you will be asked for permission to access your data. The health and care professionals will access your data to help them treat you better and safer. In an emergency situation it may not always be possible to ask therefore in the best interest of your care the clinician may access your record through the ICR.

If you are happy for your information to be shared as part of the Coventry and Warwickshire Integrated Care Record then you do
not need to do anything as we will do it all for you.
If you do not wish for your information to be shared there are two things you can do:
• Advise staff at your health or care provider (e.g. hospital/social care/GP practice)
• Deny access to your data when you receive treatment at any of the providers of your health and care.

COVID 19 Volunteers

There are many people in the village who may need support due to the Government restrictions in place to tackle the corona virus. Attached under downloads is a link to a List of Volunteers, and their telephone numbers, in Fenny Compton, who are willing to help with shopping or collecting prescriptions etc. If you are having difficulties coping with the Covid 19 isolation restrictions please let the volunteers know.

Document - Fenny%20Compton%20Volunteers%20v1%2026032020.pdf

Link -

COVID 19 - WCC Localities Team Update

Warwickshire County Council is committed to supporting our communities through the current COVID-19 pandemic, and has dedicated a section on the website to help us to do this:

In order to keep people up to date with details that will hopefully help residents, local communities, groups and organisations, and the voluntary and community sector to be connected, safe, well and supported; we have developed a series of webpages offering information and advice on COVID-19.

Of relevance to local communities and the groups that support them are the following pages:

  • Advice for people who want to get involved
  • Advice for the voluntary and community sector and town and parish councils

As well as offering some practical tips and resources that they can use both as individuals and to mobilise local community action to support their community, there are also several links to other relevant information sources – providing further accurate and up to date information.

Critically, there is also a directory of the local ‘community led support activity' that has emerged across Warwickshire in response to this global crisis. Please click here to access the directory. It can also be accessed from both webpages and the link will remain the same even following updates.

This information will be updated daily to reflect the situation as new groups and activities are developed and the details are submitted to us via our questionnaire. If you are aware of any groups or support that is not captured on this directory, please let us know via our questionnaire.

Testing - COVID-19

Tests are available across the country. They can be booked immediately. People can register at the testing portal using this link ( Full guidance on testing can be viewed here (

Dog Fouling

This continues to be an issue. Please clear up after your pet and use the bins provided.

Post Office Near Me

We've made it easier to find local Post Offices in your area. Just click on the Link

Jobcentre Near Me

We've made it easier to find local Jobcentre Plus offices, benefits and employment information. Just click on the Link -

Sports Pavilion

With development of the Compton Buildings site now looking more likely, with associated money towards facilities in the village, and funding potentially available from HS2 as well, the Parish Council would like to investigate the potential for redevelopment of the pavilion on the sports field. We need your help to make this a reality! If any resident of the parish can help us come up with ideas, pursue funding or help with delivering the project, we want to hear from you. Please contact the Clerk.

Smart Meter Update

Useful links to help ensure everyone is ready for the smart meter switch. Click on the links: Smart meter implementation program AND UK Smart meter guide, for more information.

Right of Way Online Fault Reporting

Warwickshire Rights of Way Team announce a new online Fault Report system. This is a new way to report Rights of Way faults direct to our Team. It requires the user to log into the system as the members of Rights of Way Team do. This map based system allows users to mark the location of the fault on the map and then to give a detailed description of the fault and its location. There is a search facility which has various options to get to an approximate location for example a town or village, a grid reference, Post code etc. The map depicts all the Rights of Way in the County and users are able to zoom in and out in order to pinpoint the location of the fault. Once the spot is plotted on the map the detailed information of the problem and location can be added together with photographs (if available). The system will acknowledge the report by email giving a unique reference number by which the report can be tracked. Should the user wish to give further details or photographs at any time they can add to the original report themselves. The information is processed and automatically transfers into the main Rights of Way system. This
system ensures that all contacts and reports are included on the system and will help to improve our efficiency.

Link to new online reporting system:

Broadband Update

Did you know that superfast broadband might already be available to you? Did you know that superfast broadband might already be available to you?The CSW Broadband Project has already completed the following upgrades to these communities within your parish: Area served by upgrade - Fenny Compton & surrounding area.

To find out if you can get superfast broadband:

1. Check whether fibre broadband is available to you by entering your landline number or address into the BT Broadband Availability Checker.If fibre is available, either 'VDSL Range A & B' or 'WBC FTTP' will be listed in the 'Featured Products' column on the left hand side of the results table along with the maximum and minimum speeds you are likely to achieve.Our How to use the BT Broadband Availability Checker web page includes clear and concise information on how to make sense of the Availability Checker results.

2. Remember, that if fibre is available, you will need to order a fibre broadband package. You will not receive the upgraded service automatically. To find an Internet Service Provider and a fibre broadband package that suits your needs, you can use a broadband comparison site such as: MoneySaving,, Broadbandchoices, Broadband Genie,

What are the benefits? Having access to faster broadband allows individuals, families, businesses and communities to:• Browse the web faster• Stream HD films, TV shows, games and videos without buffering slowing you down• Talk face-to-face with friends and family using Skype, FaceTime or similar software• Compete with other businesses in the increasingly competitive global marketplace• Reduce workplace costs through remote working / working from home• Make use of a whole host of other online opportunities that wouldn't otherwise be possible Please Note: Even though your FTTC cabinet may have been upgraded, not every property connected to it is guaranteed to benefit due to some properties' distances from the cabinet and/or quality of copper connections. For more information see our FAQs Superfast broadband not available yet?Register to receive updates about future developments that may affect you.

Local Full Fibre Networks Challenge Fund (LFFN)
We are still awaiting the outcome of our LFFN bid. It is believed that there have been a number of projects from across the country who have lodged bids for Phase 2 of the fund. This bid is very different from what has gone before.

The project requirements are to connect public sector buildings to the full fibre network (i.e. FTTP) with Gigabit-capable connections. The idea is that by taking full fibre out to public buildings, the successful contractor will then connect homes and businesses along the fibre route and in the vicinity of the newly-connected public buildings.

Our data team have compiled a compelling case, but of course we do not know what other projects may have submitted. We hope to hear the outcome of this bid in the next couple of months. If successful, the work will be very different from what has gone before, since we will be carrying out a public-sector procurement rather than commissioning a wholesale network (which is what the BDUK project has done thus far). As always, we'll continue to publish information in the newsletters as we receive it.

Because the EAFRD bid can only go to rural areas where there is no planned coverage, we are eagerly awaiting the return from Openreach for the modelling of the additional £1.9m mentioned earlier in this newsletter. This will give us a clearer indication as to where the EAFRD bid might be able to reach. The EAFRD bid is similar to the LFFN in that it targets specific premises, but in this case we will be looking at those hard-to-reach rural businesses that otherwise would not stand a chance of getting superfast connections.

The funding will be brought into Contract 3, so the requirement will be for a wholesale access superfast network offering a minimum of 30Mbps. We will have to prove evidence of need, so will be contacting businesses in the relevant areas once these have been identified. The requirement is for us to provide the network, not to monitor whether a service is taken up.

Once, again, we'll publish more information as we receive it.

Changes within the team
After many years of stability, we have seen some significant changes with the structure of the team. Our Project Executive, John Parmiter, has retired after almost 20 years working for Warwickshire County Council. John started his career as a teacher, and later became a schools' inspector. He then ran a project to bring ICT to Warwickshire's schools. Later John was involved in bringing Internet connectivity to schools throughout Warwickshire.

He was involved in the BDUK project (which became known as CSW Broadband) from its earliest days, and provided excellent leadership and strategic direction to the project. John's role has been taken over by Richard Hopkins, who comes from a strong technical and contracts management background.

Gurprit Basran, who has been Project Administrator since 2012 is also moving on to pastures new. Gurprit has been the unsung hero of the team, working behind the scenes to ensure that we have all documentation in order and that the systems are running as they should. Gurprit has been a massive support to all of us and will be sorely missed.

As far as the day-to-day running of the project is concerned, there should be little outward evidence of the changes, although we will all miss these two key members of the team and wish them both every success in the future.

Questions and Answers
Here are some of the Q&A's raised recently. Our website has a full set of Q&As, which are regularly updated.

Once my new fibre cabinet is connected to the exchange (or FTTP is enabled), what then? That is entirely up to you. We are installing a wholesale network, which means that once your cabinet has gone live (or FTTP has been enabled) any Internet Service Provider (ISP) can offer you high speed broadband (subject to availability) and there are a wide range of packages available.

Do check though that you are able to actually achieve the speeds that are advertised as the geographic issues mentioned on our website will apply in cases where a new cabinet is involved. You can check which structure you are actually connected to by using the BT DSL checker. Our handy ‘How to use the BT Line Checker' webpage will help you make sense of the DSL Checker results.

For the best results you will need to be able to enter a BT landline number for your property. If you do not have this then you can use your address, but it may be less accurate. Do not use the postcode checker as that covers too wide an area to be of any use.

Don't forget that you will need to upgrade to a superfast broadband package through your chosen ISP. The access is on a wholesale basis, which means that any ISP can use the infrastructure to provide their services.

Don't forget that you will need to check out broadband packages carefully to get the one that is right for you. For impartial advice go to the Money Saving Expert website.

We have leaflets that can be distributed to every property that is connected to the upgraded cabinets. To find out more please visit our Become a Community Champion web page.

My phone line is connected to a cabinet that is not upgraded. How can I get it moved to a fibre-enabled cabinet? It is an operational matter for BT as to which cabinet they connect your landline to. There is a legal obligation to provide a copper telephone connection, but not for a fibre broadband connection. In some areas, BT are carrying out CuRE (Copper Re-Arrangement) work, which does involve moving lines from one cabinet to another. In other areas we are seeing FTTP (Fibre to the premise) installations, in which case the cabinet is irrelevant.

You can check which structure you are actually connected to and what speed is available to you now by using the BT DSL checker.

For the best results you will need to be able to enter a BT landline number for your property. If you do not have this then you can use your address, but it may be less accurate. Do not use the postcode checker as that covers too wide an area to be of any use.

To see if anything is planned in your area for the future, either through this project or from commercial providers, use our unique property checker, which shows the currently planned status (down to property level) up to the end of 2019.

The information was largely derived from the Open Market Review and Public Consultation that we carried out in preparation for the Contract 3 procurement. If the coverage has been promised by the commercial provider, then we are bound by commercial confidentiality and cannot give further details. However, if the upgrades are planned through the CSW Broadband project then you can see the status on our latest map and on the Rolling 12-Month Plan.

You can find more frequently asked broadband questions on our website.

Stratford Ambulance Association

Stratford Ambulance Association are currently looking for volunteers who are willing to either be trained in First Aid to help cover local events, or help the Association raise much needed funds for equipment and supplies.

Everyone is welcome, and no prior experience is required.

Stratford Ambulance Association is also able to provide first aid training courses to local organisations.

For more information please email

Or visit

Home Delivery Library Service

The Home Delivery Library Service is a free service to those who are unable to visit or use their local library or Mobile Library due to ill health or infirmity.

Using volunteers,we deliver books to people in their homes once every four weeks, based on their personal preferences.

We offer books in both Large and Small print and also talking books on compact disc.

Anyone who feels that they would be eligible and would benefit from receiving the service can contact us on (01926) 851031 or by email on


UBUS is for anyone who is stuck for transport to travel locally on Mondays to Fridays.
The service is for you if you:
• Cannot access public transport because of mobility problems or other health issues; or
• Live in an isolated location with limited public transport or no bus service at all.
UBUS can be used for any prebooked journey between the hours of 9.30am and 7.00pm, except between 2.30pm and 4.30pm on school days.
People who wish to use the UBUS service have to register with us. There is no registration fee and when you register we will send you further details of the service and your membership number. UBUS vehicles are fitted with ramps or tail-lifts which means wheelchair users are able to travel easily. Drivers will provide reasonable assistance to passengers boarding and alighting the vehicle including help with up to 3 shopping bags and trolleys if required (this may not be available while Covid restrictions are in place).
For more information about our operating zones or any other aspect of UBUS, please speak to the booking centre staff on 01789 264491, who will be happy to provide you with information.

The Warwickshire Directory

The Warwickshire Directory is aimed at helping people find information about local organisations, groups and agencies that provide activities, advice, services and support. Please visit the Directory online at

Village Map Copies Available

The Parish Council commissioned a map of the village to include all the surrounding field names, which is on display in the Village Hall. The Parish Council are able to provide a copy of this map at a cost of £10. If anyone is interested they should contact the Parish Clerk (

Rural Growth Network Scheme for Small Businesses.

Looking to grow your business or get started?
Warwickshire is one of five Rural Growth Network (RGN) pilots in the country. We offer a flexible package of advice and support to rural businesses in any sector and people looking to start their own businesses.

With drop-in clinics, specialist advice, one-to-one mentoring, coaching, loans, grant funding and property, you'll find the support you need to set up your business and help it grow.

Warwickshire County Council is leading the RGN on behalf of Coventry and Warwickshire Local Enterprise Partnership and the services or projects are delivered by a range of specialist organisations and partners.

Campaign to Protect Rural England

CPRE, the Campaign to Protect Rural England, is a national charity that helps people to protect their local countryside where there is threat, to enhance it where there is opportunity, and to keep it beautiful, productive and enjoyable for everyone.
The Warwickshire CPRE Branch covers the countryside of Warwickshire and the interests of people in Solihull, Coventry, Birmingham, Nuneaton, Rugby, Warwick, Leamington, Stratford on Avon and other towns. Local threats to villages and the countryside include individual planning items, wind farms, and HS2. For more on this, see our web site
We, in the Warwickshire Branch want to expand the work we do and the positive effects that accrue. Extra members and volunteers will help us achieve that aim. If you already help - thank you; if not, please "sign up" now to combating the threats by joining CPRE Warwickshire via our website or phoning 01926 494597

Safer Neighbourhood Team Contact Details

There are many ways in which our communities can get in touch with us. Below are listed the ways in which we can be contacted.

Tel: 01926 684984
Direct: Warwickshire Direct @ Southam Library

Southam Safer Neighbourhood Team.

• Southam Police cover an area approximately 100 square miles.
• Almost 20,000 people live in the area.
• The Southam Safer Neighbourhood Team covers the following wards: - Long Itchington, Southam, Stockton & Napton, Fenny Compton and Harbury.
• The Safer Neighbourhood Team consists of Police Sgt Richard Thomas, Beat manager PC Jim Butler, also on the team is PCSO's Katrina Taylor, Claire Murray, Matt Hodgetts and Ally Streatfield.
• Main switchboard telephone number for Warwickshire Police: 01926 415000
• When phoning switchboard you need to clearly state that you wish to report an incident and ask for the control room. The control room can identify if an officer needs to attend and what response is needed. The controller can pass on the relevant details to the Safer Neighbourhood Team once if required an incident has been created.
• The controller will ask you relevant questions in relation to the incident. For example they will require address of incident, who is involved, description of offender(s), are they still at the scene.
• Description could be White, male, glasses, 5'9, heavy built, local accent, white jumper, blue jeans, and white trainers driving a green Renault Clio registration number K888 KKK.
• If you wish to report a crime and the offender is not at the scene, ask the main switchboard for Crime Desk.
• Team email address:
• Team voicemail: 01926684984 DO NOT USE THIS NUMBER TO REPORT CRIME if you wish to leave a message for a team member or discuss an issue with a member of the team.

Nuisance from Uncontrolled Dogs - Message from Sophie Peacock, Animal Welfare Officer, Dog Warden Service.

There has been an increase in dog on dog attacks across the Stratford-on-Avon District as well as dog fouling.

As a resonsible dog owner, you are required to keep dogs under proper control and that you are responsible for any damage they may cause to people, livestock, pets or property. Dog owners and walkers need to be aware of the consequences they face if their dog attacks another dog.

The owners of uncontrolled dogs will be issued with warning notices if it continues as long as it can be backed by evidence.

The District Council has adopted the provisions of the Fouling of Land by Dogs (District of Stratford-on-Avon) Order 2009. This means that if you are a dog owner or walker and you allow the dog to foul on any land which the public have access to you are responsible for cleaning it up. If you fail to clean it up, then you are committing an offence for which you may receive a fixed penalty Notice of £75.00. You may receive a higher fine if you refuse to pay the fine and are taken to the Magistrates' Court.

The Distrct and Parish Councils take dog fouling very seriously and would like to advise you that if you are caught allowing your dog foul in any space which is open to the public within the District you will be issued with a Fixed Penalty Notice.

To all responsible dog owners who do pick up and keep their dogs under control, thank you for keeping our towns and villages a cleaner and happier place to live. Dog foul, when bagged can be placed in a dog bin or any litter bin.

Southam Safer Neighbourhood Team - Safety around Schools

For the safety of the children and parents that attend the schools in our area, the team asks that the following rules stated in the Highway Code be adhered to:

No parking within 10 metres from a junction.

No parking opposite a junction.

No parking on bends.

No parking on both sides of the road causing an obstruction.

No parking on the path.

No parking in the hatched areas where road lines are painted.

The team will be visiting schools to offer advice and warnings for road users.

Neighbourhood Watch
Refuse and Recycling Service
Southam Police
Environment Agency Flood Awareness Guides
Lighthorne Heath Children's Centre
Stratford District Handy Person Service
B & 4th Transport
Composting at Home
Southam District Senior Citizens Action Network

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