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Neighbourhood Plan

Neighbourhood Plan Updates

The Neighbourhood Plan is coming together now. We have received the Children and Young Person survey and Ecological report which will be incorporated into the main report. All of the sections have now been drafted and we are in the process of collating them into the Draft Report. The next steps will be:
1) The committee is currently creating the complete draft Neighbourhood Plan document,
2) The Draft plan then needs to be assessed by Parish Council,
3) Once approved, the Plan is submitted to Stratford District Council and checked by an independent examiner,
4) If accepted by the independent examiner, the plan is published to the village and Stratford District Council arrange and hold a referendum in the village. If not accepted by the independent examiner, the plan will be updated to suit and resubmitted,
5) If approved via referendum, the Plan becomes a legal document.
The survey results are now available online at the Parish Council website. See www.fennycompton-pc.gov.uk

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About the Neighbourhood Plan

Fenny Compton is in its first year of working towards drafting a Neighbourhood Plan for the parish. The Neighbourhood Plan builds on the 2008 parish plan and provides a vision for how the parish should develop over the period up to 2031.

Neighbourhood Plans give residents much more power than parish plans, and through a robust programme of consultation, residents views on where, when and what type of development should take place are given statutory status.

Following an initial survey in spring 2017, the steering group are currently working on a number of specialist surveys and information gathering exercises, such as environment, history and heritage and business. This activity is all part of the build up to the main residents survey.

Neighbourhood Plans go through a comprehensive period of consultation with residents, prior to being put to a parish referendum, and hopefully, adoption.

For more information follow this link to the Neighbourhood Plan website: www.fennycomptonnp.co.uk

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