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Fenny Compton Parish Council

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Your District and County Councillor

Councillor for Fenny Compton at Stratford-on-Avon District Council

Our District Councillor is Nigel Rock. His email address is

I was born in Warwickshire and was a student apprentice in the motor industry, emerging with a degree in mechanical engineering. I have had a career revolving around various aspects of engineering technology, first in aerodynamics, then in analytical techniques, safety and quality management. Originally working in the international automotive industry, I have also worked in aerospace and engineering in medicine. My ‘famous for 15 minutes' period was my involvement in the Kegworth aircrash investigation, which resulted in the crash brace position that is on the safety card in aircraft. I have held senior posts in two PLCs. In the latter part of my working life I worked at low a carbon energy company helping people and companies to reduce their energy and carbon footprint. I am Fellow of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers. I have lived in Napton since 1985, and I play tenor sax in my spare time.

I was elected to Stratford District Council 2003 as member for Stockton, Napton and Shuckburgh, standing down in 2011. The boundaries for the Ward were changed in 2015, Stockton being excluded from the much larger ward as it is now, which includes not only Fenny Compton but Priors Marston and Hardwick, Ladbroke, Wormleigton and smaller hamlets.

I am the Deputy Leader of the Liberal Democrat group at the District Council and Deputy Leader of the Opposition.

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