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Fenny Compton Parish Council

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The Parish Council

Document - FCPC%20Councilor%20Responsibilities%202022.pdf

Document - FCPC%20Annual%20Review%202020.pdf

Parish Council Meetings are usually held on the third Monday of every month. There is no meeting in August and the December meeting date varies to allow for the Christmas holiday.

The Meetings are held in the Village Hall at 7:45pm, members of the public are always welcome to attend

There are at present seven Parish Councillors:

Chair: Jon Dutton:

Derek Carless:

Samantha Parkes:

Alan Payne

Roly Whear:

Emma Briscoe:

David Johnson:

Parish Council Clerk: Lydia Cox:

District Councillor: Nigel Rock:

County Councillor: Chris Kettle:

Diary Dates
Agendas and Minutes
Your District and County Councillor
Parish Council Documentation
Parish Council Further Documentation
Councillor's Register of Pecuniary Interest
Audit and Annual Return 2015-16
Audit and Annual Return 2016-17
Audit and Annual Return 2017 to 2018
Parish Plan
Audit and Annual Return 2018_2019
Audit and Annual Return 2019_2020
Audit and Annual Return 2020_2021
Audit and Annual Return 2021_2022
Audit and Annual Return 2022_2023

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