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Fenny Compton Parish Council

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Source & Evidence Documents

The documents available via the PDFs on this page include all those which formed the evidence base on which the NDP has been written.

Others are available on publicly available documents:

Planning Application Link -

Building regulation approved documents Link -

Draft built-up area boundary maps Link -

Community Infrastructure Levy guidance Link -

Sports Facility Strategy 2016-2035 Link -

Long Term Flood Risk in England Link -

Core Strategy Link -

Development Requirements SPD Link -

Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive Link -

Heath matters: air pollution Link -

National Planning Policy Framework Link -

Labour market analysis Link -

Data showing employment and home workers Link -

Analysis of ONS Labour Force Survey data Link -

Warwickshire Historic Environmental Record (WHER) Link -

Historic Environment Assessment of Local Service Villages Link -

Document - FINAL%20LC%20610%20Fenny%20Compton%20Screening.pdf

Document - Fenny%20Compton%20Parish%20Plan%202008.pdf

Document - Fenny%20Compton%20Neighbourhood%20Plan%20Residents%20Survey%202018%20Final%20Report%20002%20.pdf

Document - Fenny%20Compton%20Ecological%20Report%20122018%201%20.pdf

Document - FCNP%20Heritage%20Assets%20Gazetteer.pdf

Document - FC%20HNS%20report%20July2017.pdf

Document - Consultation%20Statement%20final%20211212.pdf

Document - 1%20Fenny%20Compton%20LGS%20School%20Playing%20Field%20Final.pdf

Document - Children%20and%20young%20person%20report.pdf

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