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Mobile Library

The next visit by the Mobile Library will be on the 16th February 2018. The Mobile Library will stop on Station Road between 1:50pm and 2:15pm, and then on Grants Close between 2:20pm and 2:45pm. Please make use of this extremely useful service.

The Dassett C of E Primary School

Tesco Blue Tokens: The Tesco Blue Token scheme which gives grants for local projects is supporting the school's development of the play area. The Southam Tesco store has a blue token collection point where you can show your support for the school.
In addition, there is now a collection point at the school. So, if you shop at Tesco elsewhere please ask for the blue tokens and send them into the school. Every token helps.

Bear and Ragged Staff

The work is now complete, and the Bear and Ragged Staff has been returned to its original position on the Green. Michael Bosman was thanked for his hard work and fine workmanship.

Field by the Surgery

The owners of the field behind have widened the access to the field and in so doing have encroached on land owned by the District Council, who have the matter in hand. There is an injunction preventing settlement on the land; if anything is seen which contravenes this then the District Council should be informed.

Cemetery Duties

Peter Hughes has retired from his duty of helping to mark out the graves in the churchyard prior to a burial. Peter was thanked for his many years of service. A replacement is sought, for more information please contact the Clerk.

Next Parish Council meeting

The next meeting of the Parish Council will be held in the Fenny Compton Village Hall on Monday 19th February at 7:45pm.

Sports Pavilion

With development of the Compton Buildings site now looking more likely, with associated money towards facilities in the village, and funding potentially available from HS2 as well, the Parish Council would like to investigate the potential for redevelopment of the pavilion on the sports field. We need your help to make this a reality! If any resident of the parish can help us come up with ideas, pursue funding or help with delivering the project, we want to hear from you. Please contact the Clerk.


There has been a good response to the appeal for Speedwatch volunteers and some training will be arranged. If you would like to help with this practical effort to reduce speeding in the village, please contact Neil Andrew via Neil.Andrew@fennycompton-pc.gov.uk


Right of Way Online Fault Reporting

Warwickshire Rights of Way Team announce a new online Fault Report system. This is a new way to report Rights of Way faults direct to our Team. It requires the user to log into the system as the members of Rights of Way Team do. This map based system allows users to mark the location of the fault on the map and then to give a detailed description of the fault and its location. There is a search facility which has various options to get to an approximate location for example a town or village, a grid reference, Post code etc. The map depicts all the Rights of Way in the County and users are able to zoom in and out in order to pinpoint the location of the fault. Once the spot is plotted on the map the detailed information of the problem and location can be added together with photographs (if available). The system will acknowledge the report by email giving a unique reference number by which the report can be tracked. Should the user wish to give further details or photographs at any time they can add to the original report themselves. The information is processed and automatically transfers into the main Rights of Way system. This
system ensures that all contacts and reports are included on the system and will help to improve our efficiency.

Link to new online reporting system: www.warwickshire.gov.uk/rowreporting


We now have a community defibrillator located outside the Village Hall. It can be accessed after calling the ambulance service who will provide you with the code to input. It is vital that CPR be administered as soon as possible while the defibrillator is collected.

The defibrillator will talk you through how to use it and will not give a shock unless it is necessary.

We do have a training kit that both individuals and groups may borrow and use. It consists of a DVD and small 'Annie' dolls to help you practice your CPR skills. If you wish to borrow the kit please contact Sam Parkes via email on Sam.Parkes@fennycompton-pc.gov.uk

We will be holding a village training in the Autumn.

Superfast Broadband

Are you able to get superfast broadband, but don't know it yet?

CSW Broadband have been rolling out fibre broadband across Warwickshire and Solihull. Over 57,000 properties are now able to connect to the new network, and to buy superfast broadband from a wide range of Internet Service Providers.

Because the project is reaching out to some of the most rural (and therefore most difficult) areas, different technologies are coming into play. So, residents and businesses may have thought that they were excluded from the rollout because they are in very remote locations, or because they are connected directly to the local exchange.

The new technologies enable CSW Broadband to reach even these areas, and the project team are urging everyone to see if superfast broadband is already available, or if it is planned by the end of 2019.

In the first instance, to see if superfast broadband is planned in your area by the end of 2019 go to the unique property-level checker www.cswbroadband.org.uk/propertychecker. For the full list of areas which have been announced to date, please check the CSW Broadband Rolling 12-Month Plan www.cswbroadband.org.uk\rollingplan. If you are not sure which structure you are currently connected to then you will need to check the BT DSL Checker http://www.dslchecker.bt.com. There is also a useful page on the project website which explains how to use the BT Line Checker, and how to interpret the results.

If you are not included in the current rollout plans, then don't despair. CSW Broadband are currently out to tender for up to £20m additional coverage, and should be able to map the results of the procurement by the autumn. If you register your details the team will keep you up to date with what is happening in your area.

Stratford Ambulance Association

Stratford Ambulance Association are currently looking for volunteers who are willing to either be trained in First Aid to help cover local events, or help the Association raise much needed funds for equipment and supplies.

Everyone is welcome, and no prior experience is required.

Stratford Ambulance Association is also able to provide first aid training courses to local organisations.

For more information please email contact@stratfordambulanceassociation.org.uk

Or visit www.stratfordambulanceassociation.co.uk

Home Delivery Library Service

The Home Delivery Library Service is a free service to those who are unable to visit or use their local library or Mobile Library due to ill health or infirmity.

Using volunteers,we deliver books to people in their homes once every four weeks, based on their personal preferences.

We offer books in both Large and Small print and also talking books on compact disc.

Anyone who feels that they would be eligible and would benefit from receiving the service can contact us on (01926) 851031 or by email on mobilelibraryservice@warwickshire.gov.uk.


UBUS is a service for people of any age, wherever they are in the district, who are stuck for transport between 9:30am – 2:30pm,

Monday to Friday. The UBUS service is for you if you struggle to access public transport due to mobility issues or other health problems, or you live in an isolated location with no, or infrequent, public transport. UBUS can be used to visit friends, attend social groups, leisure activities or go shopping. It cannot be used to attend medical appointments. UBUS vehicles are fitted with low-floor steps or tail-lifts to ensure everyone can access them. A single journey costs £2.10, £2.70 or £3.40 depending where you live in the district. Return journeys are £4.20, £5.40 or £6.80. Travel on ‘Magic Monday' and pay only one way on a return journey. Once registered with the service, you can book journeys between 9.30am and 2.30pm, Monday to Friday by quoting your membership number. Journeys can be booked seven days in advance. The earlier you book the more likely you will be able travel at your preferred time.

To register or for more information please contact 01789 264491.

There have been a number of incidents around the country of ewes and lambs being attacked and killed by dogs.

In Warwickshire we are aware of two possible attacks.

If you have a dog, please keep it on a lead when passing through fields with any kind of livestock, especially with young at this time of year.

Always make sure you know where your dog is, especially if you live near fields with livestock in. Your dog is your responsibility both when you are at home and away.

Please be aware that from 6th April, 2016, ALL dogs in England, Scotland and Wales will be legally required to be microchipped and their details registered on an authorised database. Failure to comply could lead to a fine of £500.

The Warwickshire Directory

The Warwickshire Directory is aimed at helping people find information about local organisations, groups and agencies that provide activities, advice, services and support. Please visit the Directory online at www.warwickshire.gov.uk/directory

Village Map Copies Available

The Parish Council commissioned a map of the village to include all the surrounding field names, which is on display in the Village Hall. The Parish Council are able to provide a copy of this map at a cost of £10. If anyone is interested they should contact the Clerk, Catherine Lambert on 01295 770354.

Rural Growth Network Scheme for Small Businesses.

Looking to grow your business or get started?
Warwickshire is one of five Rural Growth Network (RGN) pilots in the country. We offer a flexible package of advice and support to rural businesses in any sector and people looking to start their own businesses.

With drop-in clinics, specialist advice, one-to-one mentoring, coaching, loans, grant funding and property, you'll find the support you need to set up your business and help it grow.

Warwickshire County Council is leading the RGN on behalf of Coventry and Warwickshire Local Enterprise Partnership and the services or projects are delivered by a range of specialist organisations and partners.

Campaign to Protect Rural England

CPRE, the Campaign to Protect Rural England, is a national charity that helps people to protect their local countryside where there is threat, to enhance it where there is opportunity, and to keep it beautiful, productive and enjoyable for everyone.
The Warwickshire CPRE Branch covers the countryside of Warwickshire and the interests of people in Solihull, Coventry, Birmingham, Nuneaton, Rugby, Warwick, Leamington, Stratford on Avon and other towns. Local threats to villages and the countryside include individual planning items, wind farms, and HS2. For more on this, see our web site http://www.cprewarwickshire.org.uk/
We, in the Warwickshire Branch want to expand the work we do and the positive effects that accrue. Extra members and volunteers will help us achieve that aim. If you already help - thank you; if not, please "sign up" now to combating the threats by joining CPRE Warwickshire via our website or phoning 01926 494597

Safer Neighbourhood Team Contact Details

There are many ways in which our communities can get in touch with us. Below are listed the ways in which we can be contacted.

Email: Southam.snt@warwickshire.police.uk
Tel: 01926 684984
Website: www.safer-neighbourhoods.co.uk/southam
Direct: Warwickshire Direct @ Southam Library

Southam Safer Neighbourhood Team.

• Southam Police cover an area approximately 100 square miles.
• Almost 20,000 people live in the area.
• The Southam Safer Neighbourhood Team covers the following wards: - Long Itchington, Southam, Stockton & Napton, Fenny Compton and Harbury.
• The Safer Neighbourhood Team consists of Police Sgt Richard Thomas, Beat manager PC Jim Butler, also on the team is PCSO's Katrina Taylor, Claire Murray, Matt Hodgetts and Ally Streatfield.
• Main switchboard telephone number for Warwickshire Police: 01926 415000
• When phoning switchboard you need to clearly state that you wish to report an incident and ask for the control room. The control room can identify if an officer needs to attend and what response is needed. The controller can pass on the relevant details to the Safer Neighbourhood Team once if required an incident has been created.
• The controller will ask you relevant questions in relation to the incident. For example they will require address of incident, who is involved, description of offender(s), are they still at the scene.
• Description could be White, male, glasses, 5'9, heavy built, local accent, white jumper, blue jeans, and white trainers driving a green Renault Clio registration number K888 KKK.
• If you wish to report a crime and the offender is not at the scene, ask the main switchboard for Crime Desk.
• Team email address: southam.snt@warwickshire.police.uk
• Team voicemail: 01926684984 DO NOT USE THIS NUMBER TO REPORT CRIME if you wish to leave a message for a team member or discuss an issue with a member of the team.

Nuisance from Uncontrolled Dogs - Message from Sophie Peacock, Animal Welfare Officer, Dog Warden Service.

There has been an increase in dog on dog attacks across the Stratford-on-Avon District as well as dog fouling.

As a resonsible dog owner, you are required to keep dogs under proper control and that you are responsible for any damage they may cause to people, livestock, pets or property. Dog owners and walkers need to be aware of the consequences they face if their dog attacks another dog.

The owners of uncontrolled dogs will be issued with warning notices if it continues as long as it can be backed by evidence.

The District Council has adopted the provisions of the Fouling of Land by Dogs (District of Stratford-on-Avon) Order 2009. This means that if you are a dog owner or walker and you allow the dog to foul on any land which the public have access to you are responsible for cleaning it up. If you fail to clean it up, then you are committing an offence for which you may receive a fixed penalty Notice of £75.00. You may receive a higher fine if you refuse to pay the fine and are taken to the Magistrates' Court.

The Distrct and Parish Councils take dog fouling very seriously and would like to advise you that if you are caught allowing your dog foul in any space which is open to the public within the District you will be issued with a Fixed Penalty Notice.

To all responsible dog owners who do pick up and keep their dogs under control, thank you for keeping our towns and villages a cleaner and happier place to live. Dog foul, when bagged can be placed in a dog bin or any litter bin.

Southam Safer Neighbourhood Team - Safety around Schools

For the safety of the children and parents that attend the schools in our area, the team asks that the following rules stated in the Highway Code be adhered to:

No parking within 10 metres from a junction.

No parking opposite a junction.

No parking on bends.

No parking on both sides of the road causing an obstruction.

No parking on the path.

No parking in the hatched areas where road lines are painted.

The team will be visiting schools to offer advice and warnings for road users.

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