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Fenny Compton Allotments Association

Fenny Compton Allotments Association

Since The Association's AGM in August it may appear to many that little has happened and that we are no closer to having our allotments. It has indeed been very slow progress, but it is all still moving in the right direction and it is important that the committee get it right now so that the allotments remain in Fenny Compton for at least the next 125 years.
At this moment in time original lease has been agreed and signed by Savills Land Agents and the Parish Council but due to recent developments we have had to revise this lease which is now awaiting new signatures. Once the lease is back in the hands of the Parish Council, the land can be registered formally as an allotment site.
It took rather a long time for the contractors to clear and leave site and, due to H&S reasons, members were not allowed near the area until it was vacated. When this was finally done, a fence and access gates to the field were installed from The Ridgeway.
Once this was complete we were then able to continue detailed communication with Savills and begin the basic first steps of taking over the site including installing a water feed to the boundary and an initial mark out of the allotment area. On checking the initial mark out, it was discovered that there is some discrepancy between the original plans, the public footpath and the placement of the gates into the field. After further discussions with Savills it has been agreed to alter the mark out slightly to regain the original overall footprint granted for the allotments without encroaching on the public footpath or across the access gates.
In short, things have moved on, the water feed is at the boundary, a rough mark out is in situ which will be adjusted, and Savills have agreed that when we are ready to commence our works, as long as we communicate first, they see no objection to us starting the prep the area.
This is where we now look for your help and support. We need to plough and turn over the allotment area and accurately mark out the boundary. If anybody has or knows of anyone with a small tractor and plough, please let us know as this is the first process. The Association is assisting the Parish Council in getting quotes for the boundary fencing and gates etc. Again if you have contacts please let us know. Contact details are in The Directory on the back of The Chronicle.
Once the boundary is marked we can install the perimeter fencing, mark out each allotment and provide the water point in the allotment site. Then all we have to do is start gardening!

The Fenny Compton Allotments Association (FCAA) and has a committee consisting of:

Karen Atkins – Member;

Linda Feltham – Treasurer;

Simon Gooding – Chairperson;

Heather Gunn – Member;

Christine Morley – Member;

Roly Whear – Secretary.

Allotments are open to people resident in the Parish though currently all plots are allocated though we operate a waiting list so if you wish to sign up Contact is via the secretary at or on 01295 770162

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