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Fenny Compton Parish Council

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Neighbourhood Plan

Neighbourhood Plan Updates

Please see the 'News' page regarding the Referendum for the Neighbourhood Development Plan

The final version of the document can be found here

Document - FCPC%20NDP%20Referendum%20Version%20Final%20.pdf

This is the current NDP steering group and their contact details:

Derek Carless

Hilary Birkbeck

John Wickenden

Cherie Southgate

About the Neighbourhood Plan

Fenny Compton started work on drafting a Neighbourhood Development Plan for the parish in January 2017. It will build on the 2008 parish plan and provides a vision for how the parish should develop over the period up to 2031.

Neighbourhood Development Plans give residents much more power than parish plans, and through a robust programme of consultation, residents views on where, when and what type of development should take place, are given statutory status.

Area Designation
Meeting Notes
NDP Submission Documents
Source & Evidence Documents

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