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Aqueous is a voluntary group that oversees matters relating to flooding in the village. The village has experienced severe flooding in 2008/9 and has implemented some flood mitigation works such as the attenuation pond in Hall’s Yard, however there is still more work required to further alleviate the risk.

The key areas where Aqueous is supporting the management of flooding issues are maintenance of the existing watercourses, working with Stratford District Council on impact of future development & Warwickshire County Council to develop future investment and maintenance of highway drainage to reduce the risk.

Maintenance of the existing watercourses is key until further investment is delivered. This requires the watercourses to be kept free on debris and other things that will reduce the capacity at times of high rainfall. During periods of extended and heavy rainfall the capacity is exceeded and results in flooding in a number of places putting homes at risk. Primarily this is the responsibility of the landowners adjacent to the watercourse (known as riparian owners) but the volunteers at Aqueous will assist where this is not possible.

Aqueous have developed a leaflet which sets out the responsibilities for riparian owners and offers some advice on what to do if your property is at risk